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An A4 Price List was designed to be used on both the Interactive Graphic & the website, as this style is more user friendly when viewed on the web.


This interactive graphic is connected to a QR code, allowing clients within the salon to easily view Pure Envy's price list, website and social media from their phone. This is a great option for businesses who want to reduce on printing.


A printed brochure was created for Natasha's clients who like to have a physical copy of the price-list. A QR code can be seen on the back of the brochure, which direclty links to her booking page! 


This QR code sign was placed in photo frames around the salon, and links directly to the Interactive Graphic.


Untitled design (3).gif

I designed and implemented a brand new & fresh website for Sharon! It showcases all of her services and shows off the stunning weddings she was apart of. Her new website has grown her business tremendously (she was booked out in 2022!)

Forever VA - past work website graphics.jpg

This flyer was designed to be handed out at wedding expos. Having a physical flyer to hand out to potential clients was an important way for Sharon to stand out and be remembered. 

Forever VA - Main website graphics (5) (1).gif

This ebook is sent to Sharon's clients during the process of writing the wedding ceremony. The document showcases the steps to writing their ceremony, and provides many options for unique ideas that can be incorporated into their ceremony.

Forever VA - Main website graphics (2).jpg

Sharon's Instagram highlights were set up to showcase a range of topics within her business, to help future clients learn more about the brand and get excited about their wedding!


emails - elle j hair.gif

Elle J Hair's clients are contacted directly with email campaigns that I create. These campaigns focus on sales or online store news! Creating an email contact list is a valuable asset for any business.

Forever VA - Main website graphics (3).jpg

Each week I create social media posts, reels and stories that showcase their client's hair transformations, salon updates and hot products. Elle J Hair's social media is the first place potential clients go to see the team's work. 

Forever VA - Main website graphics (5).jpg

I write and publish blog posts to the Elle J Hair website monthly. These blog posts are a great way to increase website traffic whilst also informing customers about hair tips, a product and or a service. Helping clients learn about the benefits of certain products or services can help encourage sales.

Forever VA - Main website graphics (2).jpg

I create website banners for Leigh, for any new product or sale! This helps the customer find the latest offers and products from the main home page. 

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